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Voglio la neve!
Almeno facesse le onde...
Odio il freddo.
Prendo quel che viene.


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Da: SurfReport
Lunedì 15 Dicembre 2008
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DescrizionePOWDER AND RAILS » In the late 80s, a bunch of skaters who were bored in the wintertime inadvertently made snowboarding what it is today. They filmed each other not with any sort of historic legacy in mind, but just because thats what you do when youre a bunch of dudes who ride around on a piece of fiberglass in the snow all day. Then people saw these videos and started to realize the potential for tricks and big air on a snowboard, and everything else took off from there. For whatever reason, most snowboarders have never embraced their forerunners with the same enthusiasm as skaters and surfers. Thats why VBS decided to make this show?as a way of giving credit to the people who took snowboarding from a fringe hobby to something people get paid stupid amounts of money to do.***UPDATE***CHECK OUT THE JEFF BRUSHIE DOCUMENTARY EPISODES ON VBS . TVhttp://www . vbs . tv/video . php?id=4698638001


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